Ladies Custom-Made Clothing:
Carmine and Arthur Clothiers recognize the need for
a more precise fit in a Ladies wardrobe. In the world
of custom-made, there is no such thing as petite,
regular, tall etc. We offer custom-made blouses,
blazers, skirts, pants and suits cut to your exact
measurements. Custom tailored blouses are available
for business and casual-wear in 100% cotton, and are
cut to the 1/4 inch to ensure the ideal sleeve length,
body length and fit. No blouse will be too short, too
long, too wide or too narrow. Choose from over 500
fabrics in your size with your choice of collar and
cuff styles. Just like our men¡¯s custom shirts, our
women¡¯s blouses are also made in the U.S.A. For suit
separates including skirts, pants and blazers, select
your fabric from the 1000¡¯s we have to offer. Most are
100% wool. Silk/Wool and Silk/Cashmere blends are
available for blazers and jackets. Choose from a range
of traditional and contemporary styling features.
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